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Commonly Asked Questions for the Every Day Session!

How would you describe your style?


  • This is a tricky question, because I don’t think you can limit it to one type. Each relationship that I develop with a client is different – sometimes it’s very easy to develop a journalistic style and just stay in the background, while other times I need to be a little more upfront in center and hands on. The vibes of my sessions also vary – sometimes they are bright and airy, sometimes they are a little more mysterious and moody. Often it depends on the day and the love vibes that come from my clients. Basically, it’s a balance between adapting to you and having an adventure. 


I’m a planner and have created a ridiculously amazing Pinterest board with a million ideas for you, can I send it over?


  • Oh girl, let me tell you how many Pinterest boards I have - I consider it a part time hobby. You are more than welcome to share a few photos that make you go “ooh” and “ahh”, but please trust me as your photographer! I promise I will come up with some unique ideas for you and that only comes from natural posing in the moment.


Can we have all of those hundreds of photos you took?


  • The quick and simple answer: nope. A large part of getting your amazing album is the culling process, which means I go through all of those photos and pick all of the best ones. I could explain it all in more detail, but I think this picture explains it best (haha) 

What should we wear?


  • Let’s go back to handy Pinterest!! A quick search of couple, family, individual outfits will come up with some amazing ideas from some amazing photographers. If you'd like, I can also send you a few of my favourites. My best piece of advice is to dress in something you’re comfortable in! If you’re feeling a little stuck and still can’t figure out what to wear, send me a text and I’ll be more than happy to help you pick something out!

How long does editing normally take?


  • For regular sessions (couple, family, maternity, newborn, boudoir), editing normally takes me around 2-3 weeks. Editing for weddings normally takes 4-6 weeks.


Do you have locations in mind for our session?


  • Sure do! I’ll normally ask what side of the city you live on, as well as what kind of look you are going for and recommend a few options near you. If you have a spot in mind, please let me know – I always love a spot that’s special to you.


Do you have a studio?


  • I have a boudoir studio in my home. Also, my mini sessions for little ones are also done in the same space. It is unfortunately not set up for family sessions, but there are many great spaces that we can rent in the city for around $40 an hour.


What types of payment do you take?


  • Cash, cheque, or e-transfer! Payment is due on the day of your session.


Sooooo, right before my session, I got a bit zit in the middle of my forehead. And my kid decided to face dive into the monkey bars. And my husband has a scar on his cheek that he’s self conscious of. Can you edit these things out?


  • Sure can! My normal editing consists of making you look like you, but a little extra pretty (that also includes taking out anything that doesn’t need to be there!). If there’s something you are particularly self-conscious about, please let me know! On that note, all of your photos are edited so they look the absolute best.


It’s raining – we’re sick – my tire deflated – it’s just one of those days where the world hates me. Can we reschedule?


  • Of course! We all have those days, and I’m always more than happy to reschedule my clients (please just let me know with as much notice as you can). If the weather isn’t cooperating, we can either rent a studio (subject to availability) or reschedule!


Do you require a deposit?


  • For any sessions that require advance booking (studio, hair and makeup artist, ect.) I will require a small non-refundable retainer to hold your date. For regular sessions, I do not require a deposit.


How far in advance do you book?


  • For weekends, I normally book 6 weeks in advance. For weekdays, I can normally get you in within 2-3 weeks notice. For the busy season (summer and ESPECIALLY FALL), it gets pretty crazy up in here, so please book in advance!


So I love your work, but I’m looking for [insert type of session here] and don’t see a package for that on your website. Are you still able to do it?


  • Sure am! Please email me and I can set up a customized session for you (regular rates start at $150 per half an hour). 

Wedding Questions

Commonly Asked Wedding Questions!

How many weddings have you done in your career?


  • I’ve done about 25 + weddings since I’ve started photography.  This year, I have about 15 weddings booked, so make that 40 weddings by the end of this year!


What equipment do you use?


  • A bunch of fancy Canon stuff. Normally to a wedding I bring two bodies, four lenses, and a flash for those dark reception halls. I have a small rolly bag so you can never lose me.


I’m interested in booking, how does the process normally go?


  • First, I’ll make sure your date is available! I will then send you my wedding questionnaire, which normally takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out. Once I’ve gotten your responses, I will read over everything and meet up with you for coffee so we can go over everything together. I will also go over the wedding contract with you, and when you chose to sign that contract, a 30% retainer will be required. Once there’s a signed contract and payment received, you are officially in the books for your big day!


Do you have a second shooter?


  • Usually it’s just me! I’ve created my wedding questionnaire to have detailed timings of your big day, so I know exactly where to be and when I need to be there. However, I often have amazing photographers that are just starting out in their journey tag along for the day. This is no charge to you, and you get extra photos! If you are looking for a super duper experienced second photographer to join me, I can add an hourly fee to any package.


Can I have all of the raw, unedited photos from my big day?


  • Please refer to the hilarious Beyonce picture above.


We have no clue how to pose ourselves. Help!


  • Don’t worry I got your back! I will often pose everyone in a position and then try to get you all to do something (walk, jump, look this way, look that way, ect.). It will end up creating ‘natural’ looking posed photos, and hopefully make you laugh all day as well!


Can you explain a little more what happens after our big day?

  • I will go home and start the editing process! It’s a whole ordeal, and not all that entertaining. But the important parts are: you will receive your fully edited photos 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. They will come on a USB in color and black & white. You can then print, post, send to grandma, and basically do whatever your heart pleases with them! There is more detailed information in the wedding contract that I will go over with you as well.


When should we book our wedding photographer?


  • AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It is never to soon. I always feel sad when I have to turn away a bride because her big day is already booked. Seriously, book that photographer! But if I were to pick a time frame, a year in advance is usually a good rule of thumb.


How does payment work?


  • I require a 30% non-refundable retainer to hold your date – this is due when we sign the contract. The remaining amount is due on the day of your wedding. All payments can be made in cash, cheque, or e-transfer.

We have no clue what package to chose. Any suggestions?


  • Sit down and think about what parts of your big day are important to you. Once you have that narrowed down, I can go over a general timeline for each part of your wedding day and we can figure out a schedule from there.


Now that we are thinking about it, we have quite a few people helping us out for our big day. Should we feed you guys?


  • Please do! Although most people in the wedding business know to bring snacks and water for the day, it’s always nice to have a hot meal and a short little break. Normally, I will eat when you are also eating, as that’s a great opportunity for you to shove your faces without photo proof.


Can you do table shots of our guests?

  • When I first started doing weddings, I would go around to each table and take photos of people sitting down. I quickly learned that people gave me the look of death or ran away before I got there. So, I’ve evolved to take photos of your guests having fun! This is when I stand in a corner with my big ‘stalker’ lens, and take photos of people laughing, having a great time, and dancing. Although I can’t promise that I’ll get a photo of every single one of your guests, I promise I will get a few that show how much fun everyone was having!


Will my wedding be the only one you shoot that day?


  • Yes! Your big day is reserved just for you – whether it’s a 2 hour package or a 10 hour package.

We need a [insert makeup artist, videographer, hair stylist, DJ, ect. here], do you have any recommendations?


  • I definitely do! Please let me know what you’re looking for and I can send you a list over of awesome people.


How far will you travel?


  • I will go wherever you send me! I am more than happy to create a travel package to suit any budget.


Can my guests take photos as well?


  • I’m not going to lie; this new trend of asking your guests to turn off their phones and just enjoy the ceremony is my FAVORITE! It’s great! It makes me want to sing from the rooftops. Okay, back to the question. Yes, your family and friends are more than welcome to take photos beside and around me. If anyone is interfering with our photos though, I will ask them to stop-move-turn off flash-ect.. However, I will gently encourage having an unplugged ceremony so your guests can fully enjoy the moment with the two of you.


If we happen to need you to stay later on the day of, will you? How much are additional hours?


  • Of course! I normally try to give you a headups about 30 minutes before my end time. If you think you’ll need more time after that, I’m more than happy to stay. Extra hours are $200 per hour. 

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